About CRF

The Central Research Facility is an integrated facility for all students at IIT Kharagpur as well as outsiders which includes both industrial as well as academic users to carry out their research activities centrally under one umbrella. This facility has two broad Divisions namely:

Materials Science Division and Life Science Division.
The instruments in CRF are divided in 6 (six) Clusters namely:
>> Microscopy & Microanalysis.
>> Spectroscopy & Spectrometry.
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  • MSD Chairman
    Prof Susanta Banerjee, Chairperson
    Material Science Division (MSD)

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  • LSD Chairman
    Prof. Nihar Ranjan Jana, Chairperson
    Life Science Division (LSD)

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  • MSD Vice Chairman
    Prof Narayan Chandra Das, Vice-Chairperson
    Material Science Division (MSD)

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