SQUID Laboratory

Phone : +91-3222-282340

Location : NB / GF / 13, CRF

Facilitator : Prof. Venimadhav Adyam, Cryogenic Engineering Centre
Email: venimadhav@hijli.iitkgp.ernet.in, Contact:+91-3222-282340


Magnetic information of the sample (solid) such as Magnetism, Transition Temperature etc.


Prof. Venimadhav Adyam
Cryogenic Engineering Centre

Equipment Details

EverCool SQUID VSM DC magnetometer

Manufacturer details:Quantam Design, USA

Purchase source (funding):Institute

Year of installation: 2010 

The Quantum Design MPMS SQUID VSM EverCool system features an integrated pulse-tube cryocooler-dewar system that not only recondenses the liquid helium directly within the EverCool Dewar but also liquefies the initial charge of liquid helium directly from helium gas. This eliminates the need to use any liquid cryogens for the operation of the MPMS SQUID VSM.

The l SQUID VSM utilizes a 7 Tesla, superconducting, helium-cooled magnet and accomplishes rapid switching between charging and discharging states and stable fields with a unique superconducting switching element called the QuickSwitch, which changes, between superconducting and normal states in less than one second. This allows rapid collection of high precision data. Typical M-H loop up to 5T would take ~ 60 mins and M-T measurement would take ~70 mins.

Other Features:
Operating Range: 1.8 K to 1000 K 
Cooling Rate: 30 K/min (300 K to 10 K stable in 15 min.); 10 K/min (10 K to 1.8 K stable in 5 min.) 
Temperature Stability: +/- 0.5% 
Temperature Accuracy: lesser of +/- 1% or 0.5 K 

Magnetic field control 
Feature: QuickSwitch 
   Magnetic Field Range: -70 kOe to +70 kOe 
   Field Uniformity: 0.01% over 4 cm 
   Field Charging Rate: 4 Oe/sec to 700 Oe/sec 
   Field Charging Resolution: 0.33 Oe 
   Remanent Field: ~5 Oe (typical) when oscillating from full field back to zero

Magnetization measurements 
Feature: SQUID based VSM FastLab
Maximum DC moment: 10 emu 
Sensitivity: < 2,500 Oe < 1 x 10-8 emu (with less than 10 second averaging) > 2,500 Oe < 8 x 10-8 emu (with less than 10 second averaging) 
Variable drive amplitude: 0.1 to 5 mm (peak-to-peak) 

Utility and Working Principal

Information about hysteresis loops, relaxation times, magnetic field and temperature dependence of magnetic moment can be obtained. Magnetic properties of broad range of samples related to materials, geological and biological can be analysed. Highly sensitivity magnetic measurements are necessary for the characterization of applied functional materials, spintronics, nanotechmology and low dimensional systems in various form (thin films, powders and bulk alloys) in the consumer electronic, biomedical, defense and space applications.

Sample Details

Samples should be vacuum compatible.
Thin films of size 3mm x 5 mm and thickness ˜1 mm
Ferro or ferromagnetic samples require only 1-3 mgms for the analysis.

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