FEG-High Resolution-Cryo-Analytical TEM Laboratory

Phone : +91-3222-283292

Location : NB / GF / 5, CRF

Facilitator : Prof. Sujoy Kar , Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Email: sujoy.kar@metal.iitkgp.ac.in, Contact:+91-3222-283258


To examine the effect of in-situ cooling up to liquid nitrogen temperature on microstructure and phase transitions

To examine effect of in-situ heating on microstructure and phase transitions

To examine deformation mechanisms by in-situ straining experiments

Examination of microstructure at high resolution

Identification of phases

Determination of the crystal structure and orientation of phase

Analysis of chemical composition of the individual phase


Prof. Sujoy Kar
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Equipment Details


MODEL NAME                :- JEM 2100F
MAKE                    :- JEOL ,JAPAN

Specification of the Instrument:

The JEM-2100F is an advanced high resolution field emission electron microscope equipped with cryo-pole-piece and OneView camera. The JEM 2100F is a next generation TEM that simplifies atomic level structural analyses in biology, medicine, and materials sciences as well as the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. It can be operated at variable voltages between 80-200 kV both in scanning transmission and transmission electron microscopy mode (STEM/TEM). It has a high brightness and high beam stability due to field emission electron source. The point to point resolution is 0.23nm. Standard techniques that are available include bright field/dark field imaging, high resolution lattice imaging and electron diffraction. In addition it is equipped with high angle annular dark field detector (HAADF) for Z-contrast imaging and JEOL energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) for chemical analysis at nano scale.  

Electron Gun : Schottky type field emission gun with energy resolution ≤  0.3eV

Resolution : TEM/HRTEM - point to point resolution ≤ 0.23nm and lattice resolution ≤ 0.1nm with high resolution pole piece and compatible with EDS system and Cryo-system.

STEM resolution: 0.2nm
STEM HAADF resolution :0.19nm
Operation mode  TEM (Bright field and dark field, SAD)
STEM & Elemental Mapping
EDS using TEM/STEM modes
 CRYO – TEM with sample preparation  facilities .
IN-SITU heating experiments up to 1000 °C
IN-SITU straining experiment.

CMOS Camera    : Gatan One View Camera: fast 25fps with full       4k x 4k pixel
Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) Analyzer : JEOL energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer.
 Total active area of the detector 100mm2
The EDS should be capable of single point   analysis, multipoint analysis ,selective element mapping, quantitative analysis(with ZAF correction).

CRYO TEM  : GATAN CRYO PLUNGER 3 with gentle blot for cryo –TEM.
 Dry pumping facility for cryo holder
Gatan 626 cryo transfer Single tilt holder  (temperature down to -170 °C)

Specimen holders: Low-Background single tilt holder
Low-Background double tilt holder(±30°)  
Regular double tilt holder (±30°)
4 specimen holder from JEOL
Double tilt heating holder up to 1000 °C
Double tilt IN-SITU straining holder
Single tilt cryo holder(temperature down to -170°C)
Year of installation : 2017



Utility and Working Principal

Sample Details

Samples of HR TEM study should be in the form of circular discs with 3 mm diameter. These could be self-supported or on a copper grid. For the best results in HRTEM sample should have electron transparent area with thickness of around 100nm or less. 

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