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Location : GF / MME Dept., CRF

Facilitator : Prof. Debalay  Chakrabarti, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
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Instron model 8800 MK3305® is a Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine having maximum load capacity of 250 kN. The following mechanical tests can be performed using this machine:

  • Tensile testing,
  • Compression testing,
  • Bend testing,
  • Fracture toughness testing,
  • Low-cycle fatigue testing etc.


Instron model 8800 MK3305 is not only used for room temperature testing but also for high temperature testing. Few years back a furnace is installed with this machine which is capable of performing mechanical testing up to 1000°C.


Prof. Debalay  Chakrabarti
Metallurgical & Materials Engineering

Equipment Details

Instron® Servo-Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine (model 8800 MK3305®)

Model: Instron® 8800 MK 3305.

Testing machine capacity:

  • Tensile: Maximum load – 100 KN (room temperature), 35 KN (high temperature)
  • Compression: Maximum load – 250 KN (room temperature), 25 KN (high temperature)
  • Fatigue: Maximum load - ±50 KN (room temperature).
  • Maximum crosshead velocity: 10 mm/min


Furnace specification for high temperature testing:

  • Maximum furnace temperature - 1100° C
  • Maximum sample temperature - 1000° C
  • Minimum recommended furnace temperature - 300° C
  • Total heating length – 300 mm
  • Heating element – Kanthal A1
  • Electrical supply requirement – 220V-250V, 50-60 Hz, single phase, 3KW


Background: Instron® model 1344 H1423 / 8800 MK3305 was obtained under British aid to IIT Kharagpur in 1987. The machine remained out of operation for few years till 2008, when the controller of the machine was upgraded (Installation date: 17th April, 2008) with the fund received from a DST FIST project (Project No. SR/FST/ETI-155/2005 dated 21/11/2006) and the machine has come back to operation. Up to September 30, 2013 the machine was maintained under AMC with Instron® Company and the payment was made from the same DST FIST project under the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engg., IIT Kharagpur. Since 2013 Central Research Facility is maintaining the machine through AMC.

Manufacturer details:

Instron Structural Testing System, UK.


India: Contact Details: Ms. Manjula Srinivas Instron India Pvt. Ltd. 3C, PM Tower, 37 Greams Road, Chennai - 600006. Ph: 044-28293888 / 4691, M: 9840019466


UK: Instron – Division of ITW Limited | Coronation Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP12 3SY, United Kingdom |

HQ: ITW Limited Registered Office | Admiral House, St Leonard’s Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 3BL. Company No. 00559693 | Registered in England.


Utility and Working Principal

Servo-hydraulic testing system for performing room temperature tensile, compression, low-cycle fatigue, fracture and bending. High temperature tensile and compression testing are also possible.

Sample Details

  • Flat and Cylindrical samples, size according to ASTM standard.
  • Responsibility of sample preparation within specified accuracy belongs to the user.
  • Materials testing involve inherent hazards from high forces, rapid motions and stored energy.

Every year nearly 1000-1500 mechanical tests are performed using this machine. Tests are conducted not only for internal users of IIT KGP (students and research scholars) but also for external academic and research institutes and even Industries. Wide range of materials are tested covering metals, ceramic and glass, polymer-elastomer and composites. Testing is carried out for wide range of applications such as structural application, automotive application, aerospace application, bio-medical application and energy application.

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