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Prof. Ananta Kumar Ghosh
Department of Biotechnology
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3500 Genetic Analyzer is an automated DNA sequencing instrument used to determine the sequence of individual genes, or clusters of genes or operons, SNP in a population, EST database preparation of any organism. Faculty, students (B. Tech and M. Tech) and Research Scholars of different departments (Chemistry, Biotechnology, SMST, AgFE, ALPGE) across IIT Kharagpur and outside academicians have used this equipment over the several years for their research work.


Prof. Ananta Kumar Ghosh
Department of Biotechnology
Dr. Santi Mohan Mandal
Technical Staff
Central Research Facility


3500 Genetic Analyzer

500 Genetic Analyzer system
Manufacturer Details : Sl. No. 24166-181, Applied Biosystem, Hitachi, supplied by Invitrogen Bioservice India Pvt. Ltd. installed on March’2013.
8 capillary system and Multiplex capabilities for DNA fragment analysis with upto 6 separate dyes.


Utility and Working Principal

Sample Details

Prof. Ananta K. Ghosh, Department of Biotechnology

Prof Sudip K. Ghosh, Department of Biotechnology

Prof. A. K. Das, Department of Biotechnology

Prof. Pinaki. Sar, Department of Biotechnology

Prof. A. Ganguly, Department of Biotechnology

Prof. Mahitosh Mandal, School of Medical Science and Technology

Prof. Koel Chaudhury, School of Medical Science and Technology

Prof. Dibyendu Samanta, School of Bioscience

Prof. Arindam Mandal, School of Bioscience

Dr. Asitava Basu, ALPGE


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Technical Staff: Santi Mandal ( Contact: 82486 / 9475427278

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