Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter Lab (FACS)

Phone : +91-3222-283768

Location : NB / FF / 4 & 5, CRF

Facilitator : Prof. Sudip Kumar Ghosh, Biotechnology
Email: sudip@hijli.iitkgp.ernet.in, Contact:+91-3222-283768


  • To isolate and sort different cell types from organs and tissues.
  • To provide a fast and quantitative measurement of intra- and extracellular properties, including genotype variation of a particular type of cell.
  • To get quick and accurate immunological information of patients. immunophenotyping analysis of lymphomas, leukemias, and congenital immunodeficiencies; monitoring CD4+ T-lymphocyte counts.
  • DNA content analysis for prognosis of malignancies and screening of hematologic disorders.


Prof. Sudip Kumar Ghosh
Dr. Samiran Sona Gauri
Technical Staff
Central Research Facility

Equipment Details


FACS Caliber provided by M/S Becton Dickinson and Company Singapore Branch, 30 Tuas Avenue, Singapore-639461.

FACS Aria III provided by M/S Becton Dickinson Holding Pte Ltd (BDHPL) Singapore Branch, 30 Tuas Avenue, Singapore-639461.

High performance analyzer cum cell sorter, Fiber optics light path-Both for lasers and Emission, 6 lasers, 2 physical (Forward Scatter and side scatter) and 9 fluorescence detectors.

Utility and Working Principal

It works depending upon the light scattering features of the cells, which may be derived from dyes or monoclonal antibodies targeting either extracellular molecules located on the surface or intracellular molecules inside the cell.

Sample Details

  • Samples will not be analyzed unless complete information is provided.

  • Samples should be stained by the user.

  • Pathogenic sample or Human blood or tissue must be fixed otherwise will not be allowed to analysis.

  • The user must bring samples to CRF on the date and time of analysis.

  • One Hard copy of the result will be provided.

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