Real Time PCR Laboratory

Phone : +91-3222-283762

Location : NB / FF / 4, CRF

Facilitator : Dr. Ritobrata Goswami, School of Bio Science
Email:, Contact:+91-3222-214570


Quantification of RNA transcript level at a certain time/ condition in a cell. Primers based specific pathogens at very low threshold limit. Evaluation of the primers for specificity to the target organism, A conventional diagnostic protocol.


Dr. Ritobrata Goswami
School of Bio Science

Equipment Details

ABI PRISM 7000 Sequence Detection Systems

ABI PRISM 7000 Sequence Detection Systems, Applied Biosystem, USA.

Utility and Working Principal

Real-time PCR is a thermal cycler with the capacity to fluorescence each sample with a beam of light of at least one specified wavelength and detect the fluorescence emitted by the excited fluorophore.

Sample Details

  • Samples will not be analyzed unless complete information is provided.

  • Must bring your DNA samples, primers, buffer, enzymes and PCR water to set up the reaction.

  • The user must bring samples to CRF on the date and time of analysis.

  • Sequencing data will be provided in CD or as e-mail attachment.

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